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                  Guru Valentino of Khayal / Tino

                 SGC Mainstreet Full Throttle  of Guru X Junglejem Baba Jaga of Guru


                                                       DOB: 02-15-13       imp. Italy

                         PK- def: N/K             HCM: normal  ´14, ´15, ´16, ´17, 18 - 5,6 years

Valentino is my new stud from Italy. He is clearcoated with nice black outlined rosettes on a golden background. I love his four spotted paws and amber eyes. Tino´s boddy is  long and muscular with  strong legs and pig paws - an overall good structure. He is just a wonderful, beautyful boy with such a lovely temperament.

Thank you so much Michela and Fabrizio for entrusting me with this boy. Thanks even to

Debbie of Mainstreet for approving.


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